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Apple, a primary student

Apple in May 2018

Nickname: Apple
Birthday: 10 April 2011
Join Yaowawit: May 2016

Apple is a neat and friendly girl who loves cats, fried noodles and mangosteen.

When Apple’s parents separated, they brought her and her two sisters to their grandparents in the province of Krabi. Since they already took care of Apple’s cousins, they became responsible of 5 children, all between 1 and 12 years old.

It seems understandable, that the load soon became too big for that elderly couple. One of her cousins is the little girl Nampet. She is the daughter of the sister of Apples mother and also in Yaowawit school. They are both in the Kindergarten and stay together very closely.

Apple’s grandfather always left early in the morning. Despite his hard work, the income was still very small and uncertain. While he was working, the grandmother stayed at home to take care of the youngest children. Since there was no school bus, Apple and her older siblings walked the five kilometers to the public school.

Apple’s grandparents were working very hard to create positive future prospects for their children. But even if they really tried their best, it was not enough. In the beginning of 2016 Apples grandmother died and the grandfather had to take the full responsibility on his own. Finally that was the moment when he decided to contact Yaowawit, where we warmly welcomed Apple in May 2016.

What is Apple like?

Apple is a very sweet and special girl. She already has lived through a quite intense life at her young age of 6 years. Parts of her body, mainly both of her legs all the way up, were burned in an accident at a rubber farm as she was caught by some acid liquid. She needs a lot of love and she loves to be around other people. She enjoys to dance and to play in the kitchen of the Kindergarten especially cooking and serving the ones around her.

When Apple is in her flow she smiles like a star and shines. Sometimes she´s also sad which is understandable when one looks at her overall life situation, but what she is really trying to ask for in these moments is a long hug and a straw. During Kindergarten time she loves to create things like handbags from paper or draw colorful pictures. She´s a nice little girl and its great to have her here at Yaowawit.

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