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Biw a kindergarten student

Biw in May 2018

Nickname: Biw
Birthday: 20 January 2012
Join Yaowawit: 15 May 2017
Level: Kindergarten 3

Her parents are from Phang nga province. They have 2 children; one boy and one girl. Both parents have graduated grade 9. They are separated since Biw was a baby and his father remarried and never contacted them again. Biw lived with her mother, younger brother and old grandparent  in the School old house as they did not have their own house.

His mother is now working in another province. Her income is roughly around 5000-6000 THB which is not enough to cover the family expenses. The house rent itself is around 3500 THB per month.

Now Biw’s grandmother is very sick and paralyzed. She cannot take care of the children. This is why they left Biw and her brother at Yaowawit.

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