Boom and Beam

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Boom and Beam, primary grade 1 students

Boom and Beam
Boom in May 2017
Boom and Beam
Beam in May 2017

Nicknames: Boom and Beam
Birth Date: 22 August 2010
Join Yaowawit: May 2016

Who are Boom and Beam?

Boom and Beam were born in the province of Surat Thani. They are twin brothers. Their father never had a residence permit in Thailand, so the government sent him back to Laos in October 2015 and their mother became solely responsible for her sons. With about 2000 baht per month, her income was too small and uncertain to support the education of her children. Further she doesn´t own a vehicle to guarantee the transfer to the school. As follows, the two boys missed their classes regularly and stayed at home unattended.

In May 2016, their mother decided to contact Yaowawit. Shortly afterwards we welcomed Beam and Boom at our school.

What are Boom and Beam like?

Boom and Beam are our two lively twin brothers. They look very much alike and the only chance to identify one from another very quickly is that Beam has a scar on his left eyebrow and Boom has a scar on his elbow. Both brothers are always together and have an eye for each other, making sure that the other is fine. If one of them is not in the class, the other can hardly concentrate. You can easily see how much they love each other, although they can also argue a lot, but never get in a big fight together.

They are both very active with lots of energy. They love to draw pictures, build legos and do cartwheel. They also enjoy running around and swing in the playground.

Beam and Boom are now in Grade 1, they try to look cool like the older primary. But some times, when they feel they don´t need to be cool, they will even come up to you for a hug.

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