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Miew a high school student

Preeyanuch SongSi

Nickname: Miew

Full Name: Preeyanuch SongSi

Birth Date: 28 March 2002

Yaowawit Admission: May 2010

Miew is 17 years old and attends the High School in Kapong. She is friendly, open-minded and out-going perso . Her favourite pets are cats. Watermelon is her favourite fruit. She likes purple colour.

Who is Miew?

Miew’s parents separated a few years ago. Miew and her brother had lived with their father’s new family. The parents either left the children alone at home or took them along to work with them. During the school holidays they would stay home all day on their own.

Their mother decided to take care of Miew and Preuk, her brother, however she did not manage well. She worked in a small food shop and her job could not provide enough income for them.

Their mother’s heard about Yaowawit School, so she took them here. The children have settled well in here. The mother tries to visit them as often as she can.



What is Miew like?

Miew is a very open-minded and sweet girl. She likes to go up to guests and enjoys walking them around and showing them the school. She gets along well with many of the guests that come to Yaowawit, no matter what age they are. Unfortunately Miew sometimes struggles with the other students at Yaowawit who are her age, because they have different interests and Miew feels like she does not fit in.

In school Miew’s favorite subject is English. She always looks forward to attending the class and pays a lot of attention in the lesson. Her English is on a very high level, not only in understanding, but in reading, writing and in talking. In other classes Miew sometimes has more difficulties, as she often finds them boring and not very interesting to follow.

After class Miew likes to spend time on her own. She loves to find herself a little spot where she can read comedy or romance novels. If kids are in the theatre, she likes to stop by and walk around a bit, joining the games if she feels like it.

Miew often tries to help out in the kitchen or works in the holpitality. Since she speaks good English, she is a big help in the kitchen, especially when serving the guests.

Why does Miew need a sponsor?

For Miew, a sponsor can fill in a space of a family member: you can be her mother, father, brother or sister. Above all, you can be her friend who stands by her. Whenever she needs somebody, you will be there for her. When she does something good, you pat her back, compliment her achievement and encourage her to maintain it or to do it better. When she is downhearted, you cheer her up and give her a hug and remind her that she is a person of value in the world, now and in the future.

As a sponsor your 50 Euros a month will buy Miew anything she needs for school (e.g. shoes, socks, school uniforms, sports suits, study materials) and her hygiene (e.g. soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, towels, underwear). We will tell Miew that all of these things are coming from you so that a bond can grow between you and her. Your sponsorship will show Miew that you care about her and her wellbeing.

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