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Moss a kindergarten student

Moss in May 2018

Nickname: Moss
Birth Date: 11 November 2011
Join Yaowawit: May 2015

Moss is a very cute independent boy. His favourite colour is red and his favourite animal a cat.

Who is Moss?

Moss lived in a big family with his mother, father and two stepsisters from his mother’s previous marriage. They all lived in a small house without electrical equipment and candles were often their only light, because they could not pay the electricity bills.

Moss’ father worked in a rubber plantation, but because of the weather the income was low and uncertain. So his father moved to Phang Nga, where he moves around with other construction workers.

Since it was time for Moss to start going to school and his mother did not have time to take care of him, he was brought to Yaowawit School, where his sisters were already studying.

What is Moss like?

Moss is very mature for his age. Even though he loves getting attention from teachers and playing with them, he can also be very independent. He tells you when he’s played enough for the moment and then likes to spend some time playing alone.

In his free time he likes to do anything that has to do with constructing things. He spends a lot of time building cars with legos or making buildings out of blocks. He also enjoys playing football with his friends outside.

Even though he is our youngest student, he picks up fast in class and is learning well. Sometimes he is distracted by his friends, but most of the time he is very concentrated on what he is drawing, building or working on in class. When he decides to accomplish a task, he always puts all his effort into it. Moss loves to draw and is always enthusiastic about any crafts or art projects that he can participate in in kindergarten.

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