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Pai, a kindergarten student

Pai in May 2018

Nickname: Pai
Birth Date: 1 March 2011
Yaowawit Admission: May 2016

A chatty little boy who loves to draw.

Pai was born from his mother second marriage and has two brothers and a sister. Pai’s father originally comes from Myanmar but since he had no residence permit he had to leave Thailand. At that time Pai was three years and a half and from then on, Pai’s mother was fully responsible for the well being of the family.

Despite her efforts, the income was too small and uncertain to provide adequate nutrition or education to her children. Her limited reading and writing skills made it even harder to provide a bright future for them. She decided to contact Yaowawit, where Pai was lovingly welcome in May 2016.

Who is Pai?

Pai is a very positive and kind boy. He makes friends easily, loves to run around and tell stories. He smiles often and is almost always in a good mood.

Pai has a lot of energy but is also one of the boys who enjoys doing things on his own like drawing or building something with small toys. In class he pays attention to the teacher but sometimes he just wants to run around with his little friends. He loves to hug a teddy bear when he goes to sleep. During the day he doesn’t hesitate to come along to get a small rest on you lap. During his first semester he was very homesick but he now feels much more comfortable being at Yaowawit as he enjoys activities and learns a lot. He is currently in kindergarten 3.

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