Phang Pon

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Phang Pon an elementary student

Phang Pon
Phang Pon in May 2018

Nickname: Phang Pon
Birth Date: 18 June 2010
Join Yaowawit: May 2014
Favourite Animals: Giraffes
Favourite Colour: Red
Favourite Fruit: Grapes

Who is Phang Pon?

Phang Pon was born in Phang Nga and lived together with his mother, grandmother and half-sister Su. His other half-sister lived with her father in Surat Thani and was only able to visit during the holidays.

In 2014 Phang Pon’s mother found a job in the Chumphon province. This meant that she was unable to take care of Phang Pon and his half-sister and so they had to stay with their grandmother. However, she is not strong enough to take care of the two siblings and so the mother contacted Yaowawit and asked for help.

What is Phang Pon like?

Phang Pon is a super smiley and active kid. He loves to run around: Phang Pon does not really walk anywhere; he is always going places at a running pace. In his free time he also enjoys playing soccer and always looks forward to beach outings.

Phang Pon can also be described as a dreamer. He is not the youngest kid at Yaowawit, but he could easily pass as younger, because he is often in his own world, untouched by what’s going on around him. His dream for the future is to be a police officer.

Because he is such a dreamer it is sometimes hard for him to concentrate, but he is actually very motivated. He really enjoys the English lessons that he’s a part of in kindergarten and loves singing along to the songs that they’re learning.

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