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Pingky, a Primary Grade 4 student

Pingky in 2018

Nickname: Pingky
Birth Date: 23 November 2006
Yaowawit Admission: May 2018

Pingky is a lovely happy girl who loves the colour pink.

Who is Pingky?

Pingky was born in Phang Nga province. After her parents separated, her mother left her with her grandmother. She has 3 younger siblings aged 4, 5 and 7 who all live together with their mother and grandmother in a small house.

Her mother graduated at grade 6 and therefore did not have the education to find the right job to support all the children. She is also responsible for the family and has to take multiple small jobs to take care of the family.

When she heard about Yaowawit from a neighbour, she contacted us and we welcomed Pingky as one of our students.

What is Pingky like?

Pingky loves cats and rabbits. Her favourite colours are red and pink. She likes to eat Hainanese chicken rice and lychees. Pingky is a polite girl, always mindful of others, her politeness was loved by teachers and friends. She may seem shy at first but when you get to know her she opens up to you. Pingky enjoys drawing and writing and is very good at it. She is full of motivation, always ready to learn and is one of the first students to finish all her tasks and homework.

Her future dream is to become a soldier.

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