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Pram, a Primary Grade 3 student

Pram in 2018

Nickname: Pram
Birth Date: 31 March 2009
Yaowawit Admission: May 2018

Pram is a very lovely girl who always smiles back at you.

Who is Pram?

Pram was born in Phang Nga. She has never met her father. Her mother remarried and had one more child in Nakhon Sri Thammarat. They were living together with 8 family members in one house. Pram’s mother and her new husband separated as well, and now she left Pram with Pram’s aunt.

Pram’s aunt worked at a hotel in Khao Lak, where she lived in a staff rent house. Her working hours were long, and she struggled to find time to take care of Pram.

When the aunt heard about Yaowawit from a neighbour, she contacted us and we heartily welcomed Pram as one of our students.

What is Pram like?

Pram is very smart, although she is a new student she can easily catch up with her class. She is very organised, she pays attention to you and does her tasks properly and on time. Additionally she is very warm-hearted and smiles at you every time you look at her. In her free time she likes to dance, which emphasises her impressive positive energy. Her favourite food is fried egg. She loves cats and the colours orange and red. Her favourite subject is Maths.

In her future she would love to become a nurse and help people as best as she can.

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