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Tata a kindergarten student

Tata in May 2018

Nickname: Tata
Birthday: 1 January 2011
Join Yaowawit: 15 May 2017

Tata loves to high five and that’s how he greets new friends.

His mother is from Phang Nga and his father is from Nakhon Rachasima province. Together they had one child and they lived together for one year and a half. After the separation, his father remarried and didn’t contact Tata. His mother graduated grade 6 and has severe hearing impairment. Since his family has no car or motorcycle Tata had to walk very long distances to go to school. In March 2017, his mother decided to contact Yaowawit to explain her situation. Shortly afterwards we welcomed Tata at our school.

Who is Tata?

Tata came to Yaowawit at the age of 6, but he had to start from Kindergarten 2, since he didn’t go a lot to school in the past. He may be the oldest in class, but he loves to play with the youngest children, especially his best friend and neighbour from home, Singha. He likes to play tricks and jokes around. Even if sometimes he gets in trouble because of this, he always remember to apologise for his mistakes. He seeks special attention from others and loves hugs.

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