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Tukta, a Primary Grade 3 student

Tukta in 2018

Nickname: Tukta
Birth Date: 24 September 2009
Yaowawit Admission: May 2018

Tukta is a very cheeky girl, who always comes to you to give you a big hug and kiss.

Who is Tukta?

Tukta was born in Phang Nga. Her parents separated when she was 1 year old. Since then she lived with her great-grandmother, who was 80 years old and thus unable to take care of Tukta.

Tukta’s father had a motorcycle accident that caused him a mental illness, which made communication with him even more difficult. His monthly income was around 5000 THB, which was very small for his family. And it was also difficult to take care of his daughter when he was working long hours.

When Tukta’s father heard about Yaowawit from a neighbour, he contacted us and we heartily welcomed Tukta as one of our students.

What is Tukta like?

Tukta is a very outgoing girl and has a lot of friends. She loves to chat with people and is not shy to speak to the foreign volunteers with her limited English vocabularies. She is always in a happy mood and has a big smile for you every time you give her yours! Her favourite dish is rice with omelettes and her favourite fruits are rambutan and apples. She also loves dogs and the colour pink. Her favourite subject is Maths.

In the future she wants to be a teacher.

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